Dear photographers and participants
Bravo to all participants
Today we are happy to announce the 1st prize winner Miss Tianlin Zhu from Toronto Canada.
Please check the http://www.itf-pc.com for more information.
We received entries from 45 cities around the world.
This project was meant to begin an ongoing discussion amongst the young people in the world about their lifestyle and about mutual understanding so there can be peace in the world. – Learning to accept differences and similarities.
Please join our discussion and share your thoughts on this blog

A discussion about : the role of youth. A forum initiated organized in collaboration with UNESCO Jakarta
Also please feel free to share more of your photographs and send the to the the itf pc website which will stay open to illusterate the thoughts that you have expressed in this blog or post them on this blog


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This blog is a place where you can ask your questions, discuss matters and add your comments to the Photo competition ITFPC, with the theme: International Teen Fashion.